The Process

Refresh Your Life is a therapy that uses all innovative methods and pioneering techniques of Rapid Transformational Therapy  and it therefore challenges more conventional therapies. These often focus on changing the habits of action only, rather than changing the habits of thought. 

The therapy I practice  is not a “talking therapy”. Talking therapies might take months or even years to resolve an issue. 

My therapy focuses on changing the habits of thoughts which in turn leads to a change in habits of action. I guide the client to discover the deeply rooted mental blocks that are generating negative thoughts and self-sabotage. It is from this point on that the healing begins through different therapeutic techniques and then together - therapist and client -  can instil a positive mind-set that will generate  positive actions. 

This gives clients what they want: the wonderful freedom to live a life free from the issues that were holding them back. 

It is fast, safe and effective and has proven results.

All sessions can take place on line, via Zoom/Skype, in English, Romanian or French.

Book a free 15 min Discovery Call and I can tell you more about it while you can tell me about the area that you require help with.


The steps of the process are:

Step 1

Your initial Discovery Call

  • A  complimentary, confidential  15 minute discovery call to discuss your issue.
  • You can ask questions to gain clarity.
  • You can find out how I can help you.
  • We can schedule Step 2 - Your Consultation Call

To get in touch, please email me at:


Book your free 15 min Discovery Call

Step 2

Your Consultation Call

  • Prior to the call, you receive a confidential Client Intake Form which will need to be read, signed and returned before our call.
  • To prepare for our main session, there will be a 30 minute Consultation where we will discuss what your desired outcome would be. 
  • This allows your therapy to be tailored to you.
  • We then schedule the Therapy Session within the following days.

Step 3

Your Session

  • Prior to the session you will receive a copy of my Terms and Conditions.
  • The session will include hypnosis and usually regression.
  • The session can take between 2-2,5 hours.

Step 4

Your participation and feed back 

  • After the session I will email your personal recording. You can download it onto your computer, preferably on your mobile.
  • It is vital that you listen your recording daily for at least 21 days after our session.
  • The recording is designed around your specific needs and personal goals and it is by repeatedly listening to these new, positive beliefs that you will break old, unwanted behaviours and thought processes.
  • I will check with you regularly via email/text messages to support you throughout the process. (7, 14, 21 days)
  • I will set up a follow up review appointment after 28 days. 
  • All check ups and the follow up review are included in your therapy price.

Important notice: Some more challenging issues may require up to three sessions.