The words below are fragments of testimonials from people whose lives I helped transform and refresh.

They always fill me with gratitude and pride and they provide inspiration and courage. I am deeply grateful to these women and men for trusting me and I am proud of having helped them on their journey.

Beyond my rock strong motivation, my knowledge, my skills and experience, their words inspire and support me. Every minute of every day and with every new person that I meet, I am more and more aware of the power and miracle that lies in every one of us.


I had an RTT session with Roxana using Zoom.

"Roxana is such a warm compassionate person, I felt very safe and supported throughout the session. I went to Roxana to get help with a sudden onset of vertigo, which I had never suffered from before. In the session Roxana was able to support me in helping me discover that it was related to childhood events and fairly recent traumatic change and supported me in letting that go. The relief and lightness that I felt after the session was amazing. 

The recording Roxana made for me that I have been listening to everyday is reinforcing the realisation that I am strong enough to cope with change and whatever comes up in my life. I love listening to the recording and Roxana’s soothing voice.  I can’t recommend her highly enough, she really is a natural born healer!"

Victoria, 49 | Great Britain


"Until Sunday I strongly believed that happiness was not, is not and will not be available to me because I don't deserve it and I will never be enough for anyone. The worst feeling was not being enough for my parents. That suitcase filled with all my toys that dad took away from me when I was 3 and then left us, turned over the years into a suitcase filled with terrible memories and struggles, lack of self-confidence, fear of not feeling loved by anyone, the feeling of no matter what I do, I will disappoint each and everyone because I don't deserve to be happy. Even my husband told me once that me being unhappy is the state I feel happy. I was so sad!

The hypnotherapy session I had with Roxana Stanciu was so unique and I will never forget it. Roxana helped me heal the deep wounds inside my soul within 90 minutes. All the images that seemed so vivid and painful became a movie and didn't hurt me anymore.
There were a lot of tears, unspoken words that came out so easily and felt so natural without shame or bad feelings for opening up my heart. Through Roxana's powerful words I have realized how strong, beautiful and enough I am. I let everything in and all of the sudden I felt like someone pulled out that heavy suitcase from my chest. I remember telling Roxana: "Wow, that place is empty now. I can breathe and it fills slowly with happiness. I can feel it!"

After the session I felt so easy, like a feather. I danced and jumped for joy and this has been my mode since Sunday.

Thank you so much Roxana for making me believe in who I really am. I know it's only the beginning but I am sure my best life journey has just started."

Maria, 42 | Germany


Public speaking

"I loved my session with Roxana. She was able to unearth various insecurities sitting deep in my subconscious. 

I am now feeling more confident and positive when speaking in public. Thank you Roxana."

Oliver, 38 | Great Britain

Self confidence

"I recently experienced a very insightful RTT session with Roxana to help me resolve certain problems. She was very thorough in her questioning while I was in hypnosis to get to the underlying causes and the reasons at the heart of the matter. 

The session was followed up by an excellent self-hypnosis recording that I now use frequently to boost the effect of the original session."

Ben, 72 | Great Britain

1. Self esteem | 2. Physical pain

"I am happy to recommend Roxana, as I have already had two sessions with her. 

The first one helped me understand why my self esteem has gone so low lately, and helped me work on it. Now I feel re-energised and revived, my work relationship has dramatically improved, and I have managed to finally end a very toxic long-term relationship. I can truly say that now I’m FREE. 

A very big thank you, Roxana! You have a great talent and skill, please keep on doing it!

It’s been several years since I found out that people can heal themselves, and I was searching for a practical way to do it on myself. After a very interesting session with Roxana I learned how to do it. I AM AMAZED.  It works! It unbelievably - fortunately for me – really works! I had this terrible and permanent pain in my neck and shoulder (cervical spondylosis) which is now almost gone. It comes back every once in while because of my incorrect position, but after I listen to the therapy session that Roxana recorded for me, it disappears. And I keep listening to my bespoke ”Healing Vortex” and it does a wonderful job, all over my body. 

This is a wonderful therapy and Roxana is a true healer!"

Catalina, 52 | Romania

Trauma, self confidence

"I decided to make a change, a big change, I decided to change everything. Where should I start, I kept asking myself, how should I change? I didn’t know where to start or how. Therefore I chose, because every minute of every day we choose what to care about.  Change, I told myself, means purely and simply to choose to do other things that you care about. Very simple indeed, only not easy!

I chose to contact Roxana and I started a beautiful journey (though at the very beginning I had no idea how interesting that would become) in order to re invent and re define myself and I did that through a hypnosis session, with a lot of confidence in this type of therapy.

After one week only I was able to draw my own conclusions, I could already see the change in myself, I was calmer, serene, I no longer went into panic attacks about everything, I felt things settling down. I realised I was undergoing a transformation so I took a leap of faith and decided to continue. Results showed themselves quite quickly, as people around me noticed, but more importantly, as I started to be aware of them.

Now, after 3 weeks, I can joyfully assume it all and I can proudly state that hypnotherapy changed me in an amazing way. I literally changed the gear, I am definitely on another path, I am able to solve situations that I wasn’t even aware of before. This helped me get back my true values, my positive attitude, my self confidence, self love and self esteem, that is my authenticity. I feel I managed to overcome everything that was holding me back. I managed to let go of the past, to completely stop it from running my life, I healed my wounds and I created a new me, with a fresh start into a new a wonderful life. All this happened because I went through this therapy with you, Roxana.

So simple….I wanted to achieve a lot and I did achieve so much more!


Thank you, Roxana."

Gabriela, 42 | Romania


Roxana is a great listener! She pays close attention to her clients from the beginning of the process until the very end. Calm and reassuring, she knew how to apply the right technique and tools in order to help me free myself of old beliefs. I stepped out of the session tired but refreshed, feeling completely free of deeply imbedded guilt. Her recording, beautifully tailored to my needs allowed me to continue the transformation and have a major shift after the 21 days of listening. I warmly recommend her!

Tiana, 32, France




I asked Roxana for help to overcome important blocks in my professional realisation and in my relationship with people, her work was spectacular, she worked with extreme precision and care, I felt her great strength that supported me in my journey with a great humanity and attention. In her sessions she is very generous and profound, I had excellent results that led to a sudden release of my blocks.

Albertina, 37, Italy