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Until Sunday I strongly believed that happiness was not, is not and will not be available to me because I don’t deserve it and I will never be enough for anyone. The worst feeling was not being enough for my parents. That suitcase filled with all my toys that dad took away from me when I was 3 and then left us, turned over the years into a suitcase filled with (more…)

Maria 42


I loved my session with Roxana. She was able to unearth various insecurities sitting deep in my subconscious.

I am now feeling more confident and positive when speaking in public. Thank you Roxana.

Oliver 38


I recently experienced a very insightful RTT session with Roxana to help me resolve certain problems. She was very thorough in her questioning while I was in hypnosis to get to the underlying causes and the reasons at the heart of the matter. The session was followed up by an excellent self-hypnosis recording that I now use frequently to boost the effect of the original session.

Ben 72

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Welcome to my website! I hope you will enjoy browsing it, going through the different pages so that you can find out as much as you want about the different and particular ways in which a profound interest in human

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