Until Sunday I strongly believed that happiness was not, is not and will not be available to me because I don’t deserve it and I will never be enough for anyone. The worst feeling was not being enough for my parents. That suitcase filled with all my toys that dad took away from me when I was 3 and then left us, turned over the years into a suitcase filled with terrible memories and struggles, lack of self-confidence, fear of not feeling loved by anyone, the feeling of no matter what I do, I will disappoint each and everyone because I don’t deserve to be happy. Even my husband told me once that me being unhappy is the state I feel happy. I was so sad!
The hypnotherapy session I had with Roxana Stanciu was so unique and I will never forget it. Roxana helped me heal the deep wounds inside my soul within 90 minutes. All the images that seemed so vivid and painful became a movie and didn’t hurt me anymore.
There were a lot of tears, unspoken words that came out so easily and felt so natural without shame or bad feelings for opening up my heart. Through Roxana’s powerful words I have realized how strong, beautiful and enough I am. I let everything in and all of the sudden I felt like someone pulled out that heavy suitcase from my chest. I remember telling Roxana: “Wow, that place is empty now. I can breathe and it fills slowly with happiness. I can feel it!”
After the session I felt so easy, like a feather. I danced and jumped for joy and this has been my mode since Sunday.
Thank you so much Roxana for making me believe in who I really am. I know it’s only the beginning but I am sure my best life journey has just started.